About this Site

In the summer of 2014 we purchased an old run down house on this quiet side street tucked behind Manor House Gardens. During the long and costly process of renovating and bringing the house back to life; I began to wonder who had gone before us? Who lived here, what did they do, what was life like in this three bedroom mid terraced house? More importantly who had put this ghastly wallpaper everywhere!

And so started a journey of discovery, I found out about the coachman, the dressmaker and the music teacher who called this house home. About the builder from Surbiton who in constructing 11 new houses on land once occupied by Cedar House, made it all possible. About one terrible night in March 1941 which nearly ended it all….

Through this micro-blog I hope to add some interesting historical information about the street, the buildings and the other residents who have lived here. If you feel you can add to this story in anyway please get in touch.